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Logosys Software Solutions Private Limited formerly Logosys India - (Since 1997) - : One of the well-recognized names in the InfoTech industry, has been engaged successfully in the discipline of Software Solutions for over 13 years. The Creator of ControlBox Range of Softwares ( Cable TV Broadcast Automation Software ) has deployed more than 850 installations across the globe and well versed with the requirement of any Television Broadcaster in his day to day practices. Logosys India previously Giving the Following Range of Software to CABLE TV BROADCAST

Logosys Playout Automation : Complete Entertainment Broadcast Automation Software which boasts feature of Time Based Movie Scheduling, Commercials Insertion Overlay Advertisement, Movie Trailers Scroll, Sponsor Logo and many more features.

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Playout Software
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Why Logosys?


Our customers love our products for its simplicity, elegance & robust technology.


Our research team invents at a rapid pace, continuously improving our solutions.


Our dedicated and passionate staff is dedicated to helping you along the journey.


Our product is a direct reflection of continuous improvement and excellent service.