Learn how to install Logosys Playout Software

After Installing Playout SOftware

In this video will learn how to add files to playout

In this video will look how to setup Channel Logo In Playout

This video will show you how to add scrollings in Playout

Learn how to add Strip adds in Playout Software

Play L-Shape adds in Playout-Software

Learn how to play multiple scrollings at one-place one after another.

How to take black magic decklink card output from Logosys Playout

Trouble shoot Logosys Playout using self-doctor.

Stream your channel to Facebook

Stream your channel to Youtube

How to setup Breaking-News In Playout.

Immediate files play in Playout.

Learn how to use Playout Switcher.

Learn how to setup CG

Learn how to use Logosys Playout Software.