All You Content Streaming Needs Covered

Our innovative cloud solutions helps you to reduce you distribution cost without using traditional Satellite or Fiber optics solutions.

  1. Point to Multipoint Content Distribution via MSO
  2. Dedicated Dashboard to monitor STB’s Status
  3. Works with standard system encoder
  4. Point to Point, Point to Multipoint, Point to Consumer
  5. Cloud-Base CDN for Best Performance
  6. Multi bitrate to avoid buffering during bandwidth fluctuations

Send Feeds Via Logosys® Encoder to MSOs, Apps, DTH via the Cloud

Better than Satellite Quality & Reliability, Lower Cost ( 70% lower cost than Satellite), Monitored MSO signal (Status, Reboot, Upgrade), Operational within an hour.

Logosys Cloud Decoder

Works with standard encoders and playout devices & Reduces your investments by 50% for global satellite contribution.