Cable TV Software Features

The logosys TV Channel Streaming Software is easy to use, simple, handy, engaging, and finely tested.

Cable TV Software Features
Easy interface

Easy interface understandable by any kind of technical or non-technical person.

Build in codes - Cable TV Software Features

In-built Codecs will power the playout software for 24/7 operations

Cable TV Software Features - Robust Architecture
Robust architecture

The Cable TV software architecture will ease you to do 24/7 operations

in Build Encoders in cable tv software
In-Built Encoders

Logosys playout software for cable tv supports RTMP, RTSP, UDP Stream-outs. It also supports direct streaming to YOUTUBE, FACEBOOK, OR any other RTMP Servers

Multi format playout feature
Multi Format Playout

Our cable tv Software Supports SD/HD/FHD/2K/4K Playback. It also supports multi formats in a single playlist

support delink in Cable TV Software
Support Decklink Playout

Logosys HD Playout Software Supports all models of Blackmagic Decklink Hardware. Logosys is also the official partner for Decklink Hardware

About Logosys Company

Logosys Software Solutions Private Limited formerly Logosys India - (Since 1997) - : One of the well-recognized names in the InfoTech industry, has been engaged successfully in the discipline of Software Solutions for over 13 years. The Creator of ControlBox Range of Softwares ( Cable TV Broadcast Automation Software ) has deployed more than 850 installations across the globe and well versed with the requirement of any Television Broadcaster in his day to day practices. Logosys India previously Giving the Following Range of Software to CABLE TV BROADCAST

Logosys Playout Automation : Complete Entertainment Broadcast Automation Software which boasts feature of Time Based Movie Scheduling, Commercials Insertion Overlay Advertisement, Movie Trailers Scroll, Sponsor Logo and many more features.

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About Logosys Company
About Logosys A Cable TV Software Company Logosys a Cable TV Broadcast Automation software developer about us

Why Logosys?

The Logosys cable TV playout software comes with many advantageous bundles with TV channel streaming and Graphic Overplay Automation


Our customers love our products for its simplicity, elegance & robust technology.


Our research team invents at a rapid pace, continuously improving our solutions.


Our dedicated and passionate staff is dedicated to helping you along the journey.


Our product is a direct reflection of continuous improvement and excellent service.

Social Streaming

Stream across popular social networks such as Youtube, Facebook, and another platform with integrated streaming advantages.

Ultra Quality

Supported SD, HD, and 4K resolution with all Blackmagic Design, Stream Labs and Deltacast Cards.

Easy Switching

With a restless walkthrough and easy switching tools you can easily switch between files without gapes.

Go Live

Fire your play when go-live using decklink cards & and Jerk less Switch live to on-air.


Cable TV Software Features

Logosys Cable TV Scheduling Software has the most advanced features compared to another playout. We are Asia’s most fine-tuned, chammed, and renowned software solutions for news channel playout and graphic overlay automation.

  • Easy interface understandable by any kind of technical or non-technical person.
  • Robust architecture gives ease to 24/7 operations.
  • Multiple Platforms ( Youtube, Facebook and etc., ) streaming from single playout (No third Party Softwares Required)
  • Built-in codecs (No dependency on third party codecs)
  • Stream multicast UDP directly to your QAM Modulator
  • Support all kind of Streaming Protocols (RTMP, RTSP, UDP, FMLE and etc.,)
  • Copy and Paste youtube URL to Your Playlist and play directly without downloading
  • Wireless LIVE Broadcasting made easy - without any decoders take live RTMP url to playlist directly
  • Auto ON/OFF of Logo and CG overlay
Logosys Playout Software for Cable TV Best Cable TV Software
Cable tv software CG Features CG Features in Logosys Cable TV software

CG Features

  • GPU based graphic overlay engine for smooth and stable operation.
  • Layer Alpha range from 0 to 100 % (0 to 255).
  • Dynamic, Cyclic and Static CG Schedules Playlist
  • Autopilot option for automated playback of cyclic CG play list.
  • Template based CG for user friendly operation
  • Internal and External keying support
Multi-Layer overlay technology for unlimited graphic designs
  • Text Layer.
  • Image Layer.
  • Crawl Layer
  • Scroll Layer.
  • GIF Animation Layer
  • Flash (*.swf with Alpha Channel) Layer
  • TGA/PNG Sequence Layer
  • Shapes Layer
  • Image Banner (Slide Show) Layer
  • Analog Clock Layer
  • Digital CLock Layer
  • Web Browser Layer
Best Cable TV Software With CG Features
Latest ChromaKey Features in LogoSys Playout Software

ChromaKey Features

  • Live Chroma Keying with smooth edge filter..
  • Video file or Still Image support on the Chroma Keying background.
  • Customizable Chroma Masking
  • Audio delay adjuster as per video source for best lip sync.
  • Real time Chroma Keying on a pre recorded video file for News
  • Seamless switching between Live Camera and video files
ChromaKey Features in Cable TV Software Best ChromaKey Features in Cable TV Software

Logosys Cable TV Screenshot

Till now logosys India tested and releases several versions of Logosys Playout Software, of which cable TV playout software becomes mind-blowing automation software for news and entertainment channels. Check the glimpse of the latest version interface which helps you to acknowledge and walkthrough our software

Logosys Specialities

Logosys Playout Indias Most Advanced Software for TV Channel Streaming and Graphics Overlay Automation

24X7 SD/HD Playout

Logosys Playout robust architecture easy to run 24/7 SD/HD/FHD/2K/4K Channel without interruption

Play Any Format Video

Logosys Playout In-built codecs will let you play any kind of video format in your channel.

Trim Video Clip

Trim Video Clip by Start mark & End mark to set for playback in playlist


You can Record Live video input. You can also record your channel with text and graphics 24/7.

Gapless switching

You can switch between files without any gapes

Create Playlist

Create Playlist of various format videos of any size and load play list and just play it to on-air.


Instant Switching ON – OFF text & graphics (Unlimited) overlay over Playout


Live video input using decklink cards & and Jerk less Switch live to on air.

Youtube Streaming

Logosys Playout In-built encoders will let you stream your channel to Youtube Channel without using any third party softwares.

Facebook Streaming

By using in-built encoders in Logosys Playout you can stream your channel to your Facebook Page directly from Playout.

UDP Output

Logosys Playout technology allows IP streams with different codecs and transports (UDP,RTP)


Copy and Paste any RTMP URL to Your Playlist and Play Instantly

Logosys Playout System Requirements

Logosys play software required novice level of hardware and software mentioned below.

Hardware Specifications:


  • Motherboard
  • CPU
  • RAM
  • HDD


  • Intel-based with FSB 1066 MHz
  • Core 2 Duo 2.4 GHz
  • 1 GB
  • SATA


  • Intel-based with FSB 1333 MHz
  • Core 2 Duo 2.6 GHz
  • 2GB
  • SATA2

Software Specifications:

  • Windows XP Professional 32 bit with Service Pack 2 or Service Pack 3
  • Windows 7 Professional 32 bit

Compare Logosys Playout With Others

Comparison Logosys Playout with other Softwares

Easy Interface

Logosys Playout user friendly interface is easy to understandable by any kind of people.



Complex Interface

Other Playout software is very hard to understand which will reduce productivity.


In-Built Codecs

Logosys Playout designed by In-build codecs so no need to install any third-party codecs.



Third Party Codecs

Other Playout Softwares depends on third-party codecs so need to install codecs separately.


In-Built Encoders

Logosys Playout Comes with In-Built Encoders. No need to depend on external encoding softwares or Hardwares.



Third Party Encoders

Other Playout Softwares uses third encoders like FMLE,Wirecast to stream to Social Media Platforms.


Frequently Asked Questions

Playout software for cable tv
What are the characteristics of Cable TV software?
The core characteristics of cable tv software include subscriber management, report and stats, billing and lead management, auto pack calculation, and much more.
Can I integrate cable channel software with other systems?
Yes, but it depends on which cable tv software you buy, do they support integration or not. Logosys cable tv software has all niche options such as integration, merging, and scheduling with accounting, invoicing, inventory management, etc.
What is Channel Management?
Simply, it helps you to manage, monitor, and control all aspects of the channel such as adding and removing channels packages, revenue monitoring, add packages, etc.
Why Choose Logosys Software?
There are following reason to consider our magnificent software:
  • Deliver Tested Quality
  • Easy Interface & Intuitive design
  • In-Built Coders
  • In-Built Encoders
  • Complete Packed Features
How to get started with Logosys Software?
Want to get started with our premium logosys software for cable tv, automation, news channel, entertainment, and other. Check our video page.
How to get support from Logosys?
You can get support from Logosys Support center by calling below numbers +91 040-29704005 , +919000036178
Can we stream to Youtube and Facebook ?
Yes , By using Logosys Playout In-built encoders you can stream to all social media platforms simultaneously.
Cable TV Software Faqs Cable tv software